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*MALWARE WARNING* Imageshack users!!!

edited January 1970 in Announcements
I have just this min experienced a server side malware redirect attack on imageshack (win anti-virus 2010). I've reported the matter to imageshack, but think a warning is needed while they resolve the issue. It is a completely random redirect, done by a fake php process server side. So it seems their server has been compromised. It's the same issue experienced last year on PFO, so please don't think it is fake or bad info, if you don't get this problem when using imageshack. The fake process is completely random, and may only redirect 1 in every 1000 page views. If you get redirected, this is what you will see
What ever you do, do not click on close, OK, or hit the red cross to close the warning windows. Just start task manager (press Ctrl, Alt and delete key at the same time), and end all iexplore.exe in the processes list.


  • Thanks for the heads up Chris. Don't use imageshack mesel' or IE but always useful to know of the threat. It's always a good idea to use ctrl+alt+del to close suspicious popups etc.
  • I don't really use imageshack either m8. Just clicked the wrong fav link by accident, and there it was. From past experience of this issue (on another site last year), it doesn't matter what browser you use either. Main thing is just keep an eye on any imageshack links you may see on other sites <!-- s;-) -->;-)<!-- s;-) -->
  • Just got an Email from imageshack team. imageshack have confirmed it was a hack. Not on their image server, but of the server that serves their ads. So linked images are safe, and they are currently dealing with the ad server to correct the malware issue <!-- s;-) -->;-)<!-- s;-) -->
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