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From MFP Group Meets - Lakes VI - By popular demand!!

For anyone interested in the October Lakes VI meet, organised by Ian Allington on the MFP site, this is an update of the latest posts there. The site shuts down on the 12-07-2014, so I'll update this thread until then.


  • picture-311.jpg<br /><br />Submitted by Ian Allington on Fri, 28/03/2014 - 16:04  <br /> OK Folks, it would appear we are keen to do this all over again....  :-)<br />Looking at my shifts, the only available weekend I have around this time is the 17th-19th October, so that's teh date we'll go for and we're heading back to Keswick.<br />Best start getting your hotels booked!!!<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />picture-454989.jpg<br /><br />Submitted by martinhall1  <br />Date Fri, 13/06/2014 - 20:39  <br />Comment Hi all just found out about the closing of the site very sad has anyone any thoughts how we all keep in touch my email address is if any one wants to contact<br /><br /><br />picture-148.jpg<br /><br />Submitted by Sue.P  <br />Date Thu, 17/04/2014 - 09:49  <br />Comment Bump<br /><br /><br />picture-1160704.jpg<br /><br />Submitted by NatLiz  <br />Date Tue, 15/04/2014 - 20:00  <br />Comment I would leave her at home with Dad so Lucie would be nowhere to be seen! ha...<br />I'll have a think, transport etc :) <br /><br /><br />picture-17628.jpg<br /><br />Submitted by healinghands  <br />Date Tue, 15/04/2014 - 15:59  <br />Comment I'm sure we could take Lucie with us while you go up the hills with Ian, Nat. As we will be with Viv & Margaret, there will enough of us to push the pushchair and sort her out during the day. Having 7 grandkids, we have lots of  We even have car seat.....<br /><br /><br />picture-311.jpg<br /><br />Submitted by Ian Allington  <br />Date Mon, 14/04/2014 - 23:37  <br />Comment Get yourself there Nat!! Is there anyone going that could do some baby sitting for you while you join us in the pubs and on walks??<br /> <br /><br />picture-1160704.jpg<br /><br />Submitted by NatLiz  <br />Date Sun, 13/04/2014 - 20:29  <br />Comment Is this a private party or can anyone come!? smile.png<br />Not me, Im thinking of sending Lucie, she is driving me round the twist, could do with the weekend off haha! Only messing, of course me :) <br /><br /><br />picture-17628.jpg<br /><br />Submitted by healinghands  <br />Date Fri, 11/04/2014 - 21:32  <br />Comment We are all booked in at Sunnyside Guest House for 3 nights with our Vivvy and Margaret. Can't wait to meet the gang again. Was gutted we didn't get to the March meet but hey ho, we'll make the most of this next one. Was going to get a cottage but found it very difficult to find one that we required that was in or near Keswick.<br />See you in Oct and some of you in Aug.....<br /><br /><br />picture-459.jpg<br /><br />Submitted by Jim Miller  <br />Date Sat, 29/03/2014 - 22:17  <br />Comment Ha Ha ...Good one Dave !<br /><br /><br />picture-545.jpg<br /><br />Submitted by David Coppen  <br />Date Sat, 29/03/2014 - 21:40  <br />Comment Yeh come on Sue we need your experience to guide us old men. Especially your tip of wearing your waterproofs inside out to keep the sweat in. Still can't work out how you did the zips up.<br /><br /><br />picture-459.jpg<br /><br />Submitted by Jim Miller  <br />Date Sat, 29/03/2014 - 19:49  <br />Comment Stuff the rota Sue.................rebel...retire their bluff .................we need you !<br />How else will I get down !!!!!<br /><br /><br />picture-148.jpg<br /><br />Submitted by Sue.P  <br />Date Sat, 29/03/2014 - 13:35  <br />Comment The rota gremlin says ' not much chance' for this one  for us  at a first glance  -  but you have  the makings of another Haystacks Expeditionary Team, plus the possibility of gorgeous autumn colours so Good Luck with the planning. <br /><br /><br />picture-117.jpg<br /><br />Submitted by Steve Ransome  <br />Date Fri, 28/03/2014 - 19:53  <br />Comment Ooh thanks for that Jim.  Forewarned is forearmed as they say.  smile.png<br /><br /><br />picture-545.jpg<br /><br />Submitted by David Coppen  <br />Date Fri, 28/03/2014 - 18:43  <br />Comment We're in.<br />Room booked 17/18/19 October.<br />Dave.<br /><br /><br />picture-459.jpg<br /><br />Submitted by Jim Miller  <br />Date Fri, 28/03/2014 - 18:35  <br />Comment We're in.<br />Rooms booked etc.<br />Steve, If you're planning a North Wales meet in August be careful not to clash with the Bristol meet which is the weekend commencing Fri 8th ( For the balloon Fest) with Nigel Thomas.<br /> [size=78%]We would like to do both ![/size]<br /><br /><br />picture-77182.jpg<br /><br />Submitted by Alison Bruce-Stone  <br />Date Fri, 28/03/2014 - 17:16  <br />Comment Thanks for the dates Ian. Geoff and myself will be missing from the October Fuji Lakes Meet. We are hoping to visit Wales and Anglesey in the late Summer for a meet if it becomes possible. We are hoping to re-visit Keswick soon with my Mum too smile.png<br /><br /><br />picture-283490.jpg<br /><br />Submitted by Chris Gossop  <br />Date Fri, 28/03/2014 - 17:15  <br />Comment We have relatives over from New Zealand in Jim and I will be missing this one aw.png<br /><br /><br />picture-117.jpg<br /><br />Submitted by Steve Ransome  <br />Date Fri, 28/03/2014 - 16:43  <br />Comment Hiyah Ian.  Well Steph and I are going have to give this one a miss.  I know that you will all have a super time those who decide to go.  I think another Fuji Meet is still on for a little earlier in the year though.  I hope to see you there when it's all arranged.  smile.png<br /><br />
  • :)) Many thanks for transferring this over to Chat photography hope all the others find there way here
  • Hi Guys.  Just working on some sort of ideas for the North Wales meet.  I have found some information on local things to do.  You may already have something in mind you'd like to do but, if you haven't, then here are some ideas:<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />We still have plenty of time to think of even new places too.  Let me have your ideas if you like.  Thanks very much.
  • Hi All who are going to the October lakes meet wont be long now looking forward to meeting you all again and any new ones come along and have a great time and see some beautiful scenery
  • Just a reminder for those who don't know.<br />Keswick meet is on 17th / 19th October and is open to all like minded folks not just ex MFP members.<br />All you need is a sense of fun and we'll do the rest.<br />ps You ought to bring a camera though.<br />:)<br /><br />It would be nice to see some long standing 'Chat' folks there.<br /><br />See ya soon folks.
  • Hello all, I am so disappointed, I thought this would be a hive of activity, as it's only a few days away.<br /><br />Nothing about what's happening, except for the Italian meal on Saturday.<br /><br />We may not be able to join in with everything, but it would be nice to know what's going down.<br /><br />Regards Kevin<br /><br />
  • Same here. It looks like everyone's just about lost interest since the MFP site closed. I hadn't been able to get to any meets because of a combination of caring for my son and getting our new home into shape. It's ironic that now I have more time, the meets have virtually stopped - unless there's another site where the info is being posted.
  • Hi Tricky although im not able to go on this meet its still on and if you wish to go they usually meet at the clock tower at 15.00 hrs. on the Friday if you wish to contact Ian who sorts this meet find him on face book and make contact you will be made very welcome
  • Things have been made difficult because we are all on different sites......but the meet goes ahead as normal.<br /><br />All those who have confirmed their attendance have been e mailed by Ian. Meeting point is under the clock as usual but is likely to be 5pm because Lesley has to work. I've e mailed Ian to give more details on here ASAP.<br /><br />Kev (Spaaarky) if you and Chrissy are coming, and I hope you are, give us a ring when you get to Keswick and I'll update you (if Ian doesn't get back in time)<br /><br />My Mob No is 07931 657345.<br /><br />Those confirmed at the moment are Ian/Lesley, Dave /Sharon, Me / Sheryl, Steve / Steph, Vivvy / Margaret....................and now hopefully Kev / chrissy
  • Hello Jim and all Chrissy and I will be at Keswick.<br /><br />We will be there around lunch time, I have got your number (more ways than one)  :)<br /><br />I imagine we will do something in the afternoon, even if it's just Derwent Water etc.<br /><br />Will call you early Friday afternoon.<br /><br />Kevin
  • Glad you are making it Kev, both of you.  Looking forward to a "catch-up" and a pint.  :)  Obviously looking forward to meeting everyone too.  :)
  • Brilliant sunshine down here with no clouds. I'll try and bring it with us up north tomorrow.<br />Have a safe journey all.
  • Had an e mail from Ian who can't get there until around 5pm. He has our phone numbers so he'll make contact on way or another.<br />He's suggested we meet up under the clock tower at 3:30, so maybe we can use that as a fall back.<br /><br />We're looking forward to meeting up again, have a safe journey everybody, see you all on Friday.<br /><br />Dave bring some sunshine and wet weather gear just in case  :)
  • Hope to make the 3.30pm clock tower meet Jim but remember our journey is about 6-7 hours.<br />Anyone know if Viv is going? Not seen her on here for months.
  • No worries Dave, you've got my number and looking at the weather we'll probably be in one of the pubs.<br /><br />Ring us when you get there.
  • Afternoon folks, have a safe trip up and we'll see you asap Friday.<br /><br />Viv and Margaret are both coming along, not sure of their ETA, Viv said it depends how Margaret's driving goes...
  • <br />Sigh. I've got to work and my next bit of time off isn't till christmas...
  • Hope you all have a great time, have fun, stay safe and bring back lots of fantastic pics.        :)
  • Have a good time folks
  • Hope you all have had a good time and you all have a safe trip home
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