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Bournemouth Air Display

It's the Bournemouth Air Display this weekend - see here for details -<br /><br /><br /><br />Lots of interesting aircraft and displays, including the Battle of Britain Memorial flight and also the Vulcan, among others.<br />I'm going on Saturday so hope it stays clear.


  • They are at Shoreham airshow tomorrow too,but only one Lancaster as the canadian one has got engine trouble. Looking forward to the Vulcan too.
  • I saw the Vulcan many years ago on what was supposed to be its last flight just before it was grounded.<br />Really glad it's flying again as it's an impressive sight !
  • Hope the weather is nice for you,and us. I have always thought the Vulcan is one of the best flying beauties in the air.
  • Weather looks like it should be okay. Less windy than todayand no rain.
  • Looking good then Mike.  We all expect great shots.  Don't let us down now....... ^-^
  • Should be easy - just point the camera at the sky and press the shutter  :))
  • Have a good day Mike,the weatherr is looking ok here in Sussex at the moment.
  • Thanks -just about to leave to get the train. (High) Cloudy but no wind here in Hampshire.
  • Nearly 300 photos - here's a quick selection -<br /><br />- 1 and 2 Red Arrows<br />- 3 Typhoon on after-burners<br />- 4 - my favourite - the Vulcan !!
  • My favourite too Mike. Would have loved to have been there but "her indoors" had other plans for yesterday & today!  >:(<br /><br />Will you upload some more?
  • Nice shots mate,glad the weather was ok for you  :)
  • Yes, I plan to upload some more.  Went through them today (334!) to mark up the ones that I think look best to then edit and crop as necessary.  There's a lot of empty sky on most of them to get rid of !
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