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Server outage today

edited January 1970 in Announcements
Seems someone tried overloading the database server we run off today. Everything should be back to normal now, and the person responsible has had their hosting account suspended <!-- s:mrgreen: -->:mrgreen:<!-- s:mrgreen: -->
Naughty people should learn to keep their sites secure, and not leave them open to attack by hackers <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->


  • Only noticed it was a bit slow page loading yesterday but no probs today
  • Yep I noticed that too later on yesterday. First thing this morning it was OK, but the database server was being overloaded. Because this is hosted on a shared server, if someone else's site gets seriously hacked, it can sometimes effect our speed. As it stands, another account holders site was overloading the server database with connections, thus not allowing other sites to connect. One quick phone call and the offending account was suspended, and we were up to speed again in about 2 mins <!-- s;-) -->;-)<!-- s;-) -->
    Tis the joys of interwebery I'm afraid, as some people are clueless when it comes to keeping their sites secured.
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