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***Free day out for all***

edited January 1970 in Announcements
Get yourself to South Lakes Zoo over the winter, and you will not be charged a penny to get in <!-- s:mrgreen: -->:mrgreen:<!-- s:mrgreen: --> <!-- s:mrgreen: -->:mrgreen:<!-- s:mrgreen: --> <!-- s:mrgreen: -->:mrgreen:<!-- s:mrgreen: -->
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This is a great place, so please support them if you can, and use the shops etc inside. They are doing this so that the part time staff there can all keep their jobs over the winter. <!-- s;-) -->;-)<!-- s;-) -->


  • A fab day out and a great place for the animals kept there, it isn't a zoo it's a conservation park that supports many projects in Samatra and many other places and it is FAB for photographers! <!-- s:grin: -->:grin:<!-- s:grin: -->
    when does the free admission begin Chris?
  • It's already started Jayne, think it was from the 1st Nov onward. Like ya say, a great place, and a great day out.
  • me n the kids have anual passes anyway but handy to know if you wanna take anyone, thanks <!-- s:smile: -->:smile:<!-- s:smile: -->
  • A shame other attractions can't take a leaf out of their book. It's a bit to far for this old codger to travel but my g.children would have loved it.
  • Its great. I got an email about it.
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