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Last night competition

Last night it was a yearly club competition and it was first ever competition.  To score  a 15 and 16.5 and to get an image selected for the top ten with a 19.5 I was over the moon.  Proudest moment of my photography life so far.


  • Congrats - that sounds like a nice surprise, Getting such confirmation from a group of peers is great  O0<br /><br />Could we see the photo please  :-* ?
  • Here is the image that scored 19.5
  • Congratulations and so very deserved.  Fantastic shot.
  • Great shot John.  However, I think you might have got 20 had you trimmed it slightly on the right hand side to put the squirrel nearer the third.
  • Excellent effort. Agree with Bob on the minor crop adjustment too.
  • on 1449655201:
    <br />Here is the image that scored 19.5<br />
    <br /><br />And it certainly did earn each single point!!<br /><br />This is a great shot. Excellent details and great light  O0<br /><br />I bet you were pretty excited when you took it  :) Well worth going out and waiting!!<br /><br />
  • Thank you everyone. Yes I was absolutely over the moon with the score and to be in such good company as well. More than I had could have expected. To be judged by should a respected judge as well. It was a fantastic evening and a little bit of reward for the time and effort that I put into my photography. As some of the people that know me offline and online it Is a real passion for me. Really looking forward to 2016 and more comps to follow so onwards and upwards.
  • on 1449664184:
    <br />Really looking forward to 2016 and more comps to follow....<br />
    <br /><br />Come on 2016  :)) :))<br /><br />And Hi John,<br /><br />if you keep on providing such photos you will be on the winning street  O0
  • Thank you very much. I was unsure to begin with the club/comp side of photography but after a taste I can honestly say I love it.
  • Well done and what a nice birthday present for you. Hope you have a great day.
  • Thank you very much Margaret. :)
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