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A  few images<br /><br />


  • I bet you are glad you are home :))<br /><br />Looks beautiful
  • This was my second visit Mags and I'd like to go again.  It's the most beautiful place imaginable.  If I do go again, I'm taking a proper camera. :)
  • Looks awful. All that blue sea and sky and wonderful views. You must have had a terrible time.  ;)
  • A lovely set of beautiful scenes. 
  • A few more.  The first is Fiscardo; absolutely spotless.  The second is Roman ruins discovered at Fiscardo after the 2014 earthquake.  The flowers are a common sight in Kefalonia. The fourth is at Myrtos and the last one is the Castle of St George.
  • Stunning images Bob.  It's somewhere I've always fancied visiting, along with Santorini.  The only Greek holiday I've had was to Kos.  Did you stay in Fiscardo... looks beautiful.
  • No, Sheila, we stayed in Lassi on both our visits.  We went on a 'round the island' tour visiting Fiscardo.  It was the only place not devastated by the 1953 earthquake that lifted the whole of the rest of the island by 24 inches.
  • Lovely
  • Great photos Bob. Looks really nice there. Not a proper camera? Were you using your phone for these? They look very inviting despite that.  ^-^
  • I was using a Nikon Coolpix S7000 Bill.  It's not bad but it hasn't got a viewfinder and with the light levels out there it was difficult to see the screen.
  • Lovely Bob. Blue sky/sea and sun. Everything we didn't get on our holiday! Not to be too pedantic but, if that is bougainvillea, technically not a flower.
  • No idea what it was Bob; just thought it was pretty.  There's flowers everywhere you look on that island. ;D
  • if you see what I mean:<br />
  • Fantastic views, bet you had a great time
  • Great shots Bob. The last one in the second batch of photographs remind me of the view from the Commonwealth Cemetery in Cassino looking up to the Abbey.
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