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Competition Fans PLEASE READ

edited January 1970 in Announcements
Hi All<br /><br />I'm sorry to have to tell you all that I will no longer be running the MONTHLY "No Prize" PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION from the end of this month (June 2016).<br /><br />I have had great fun on Chat and did my best to bring many new members in and start up many of the old MFI features. Unfortunately the site has not grown and instead is shrinking again. I understand that Chris has been through very difficult times over the last 12 months but I see no growth or changes coming. You only have to look at the "News" box at the top of the site, how long has that message been there. There are stickies dating back to February 2012 in the forums and there is no sign of them ever being removed. Chris needs help, and it's no longer here I'm afraid, plus he's shown no sign of accepting any offers in the past. Don't get me wrong, Chris is a great guy and did a great job setting up Chat in the first place, but I think the desire to improve Chat has gone.<br /><br />I'll still be popping in every now and then but I wont be regular enough to run the competition. If anyone wants to take it on I can give you all the login details.<br /><br />Thanks for all the help and fun, I've enjoyed it.<br /><br />Ray


  • Just want to say, Thank you Ray for doing a great job of running the monthly comp, it is a shame on the other stuff though.  So Thanks again for all you have done while I was here.
  • Thanks for doing such a sterling job Ray. I really enjoy the monthly and it will be a shame to see it fold. It would be nice if someone could take it on. Good luck for the future.
  • Am not surprised to see this as each month entries took a while to appear. My thanks too, to you Ray for what you have done, I am guilty of badgering you when my entries did not appear, sorry.  I enjoyed entering the monthly comp and only pop in out of the site as I have found it not very easy to use and have never been able to upload any photos as found re-sizing them almost impossible.  I think a lot of us really missed the old Fuji site and format that it was in. Many of us have lost touch with many of those Fuji members as a lot have taken themselves to other sites or have just given up. Once again thanks Ray. It takes a lot of dedication and time to manage these type of sites.
  • Thanks Ray for doing a great job and all the help you have given us.<br />I think the site has been going downhill for some time now and it's not just the connection problems.<br />Hope to see your photography on other sites that you use.
  • Thanks Ray
  • Thanks Ray.......................I'm drifting away too.  :(
  • Thanks for all that you have done Ray.  Although I don't have time to enter many competitions, except the daily ones, I enjoy looking in from time to time.<br />Folk do seem to be losing interest in the site.<br />Whether I stay or not, I'll still enjoy my photography.  I don't belong to any other photography sites.
  • It feels as if they don`t care about the site, so I am glad I am a member on other great sites.
  • That's a real shame Ray. Thanks for doing such a great job while in charge, I really enjoy the challenges on this site so it's a shame if any of them disappear. It would be nice if someone could take it on as I thoroughly enjoy seeing the pics posted from the UK, other fantastic Countries I'll never get to see and members' holiday destinations. <br /><br />Good luck with whatever the future holds for you Ray.    :-*
  • Thanks for all you've done Ray. I really enjoy the all the challenges and comps when I get a chance to enter and appreciate the work that must go into running the monthly.<br />Enjoy your 'retirement'! <br />
  • Chat, like any forum, is what its members make it.
  • on 1466626979:
    <br />If you want to stay in touch why not try Phoenix, most of us are on there too.<br /><br />
    <br /><br />[member=2572]Jim Miller[/member]  Not as easy as it seems. I've put in a request to join Phoenix three weeks ago. This is all I've seen from it yet: "You'll be notified when a moderator approves your request." Is it always that slow?
  • Pardon my ignorance - who are Phoenix?<br /><br /><br />Ray - pity about the competition, but it didn't seem to catch on, there being no real discussion of the entries. Comments, good or bad , seem to me to be the life-blood of a competition, and the route to better (or at least more interesting) pictures?
  • Oh Ray, so sorry to hear that, but can quite understand why. Such  pity the entries have shrunk so much.  Thank you very much for running the competition, I really enjoy it.  <br /><br />Thanks again, Pam <br /><br />ps, where do I find Phoenix, I have searched all the Phoenix sights but none seem to be for competitions.  I only ever use Chat so it would be good to find another site.  Thanks Pam.
  • How busy do you have to be to moderate a forum like this.  I visit this site first thing in the morning and several times a day.  Nobody waits more than an hour or two to be accepted or rejected.  I reject several a week for advertising.
  • I don't know Bob. Its not like Michael so I can only suggest Bill tries again.
  • [member=2572]Jim Miller[/member] Maybe, if you supported this site instead of trying to get members to leave and join another site, things might pick up.
  • Thanks Jim.  I will investigate soon. 
  • Phoenix seems to require a Google account, which I don't have, and don't think I want!
  • on 1466668093:
    <br />[member=2572]Jim Miller[/member] Maybe, if you supported this site instead of trying to get members to leave and join another site, things might pick up.<br />
    <br />I half expected a reply.
  • on 1466683679:
    <br />Phoenix seems to require a Google account, which I don't have, and don't think I want!<br />
    <br /><br />I never did flesh out the info on my Google+ account. There's not much info to see there, so maybe that's why my join reguest went ignored. <br /><br />Bob, for my part I have no intentions of leaving this site, I just like to explore options, is all.Maybe it's the same for Jim.  I also post photos on Flickr and The Bird Forum, but that's a "post and leave" type thing.  I have come to like this site a lot, and tend to hang around here much more when time permits. .
  • Cheers Bill. :)
  • I am not packing it in, but I might be asking for help soon as we have not heard or been given any idea if and when the new software is coming on,  so just to give a heads up.  I agree with Bob, when he says  it is the members that make a forum, but again the comments on photos is very low indeed, that is one of the reasons why I don`t put any up now.
  • I think we are all to blame for the no comments situation of photos entered me included. <br />This months Transport competition which was one I chose as a winner has one comment on the first entry. <br />The rest weren't even viewed much. <br />I preferred the cc we used to get on Myfinepix as this helped me to improve my photography. <br /> <br />This new software we are waiting for, will it make much difference? <br />The site does have some problems from time to time but 99% of the time it works.<br />Unless we change and get more involved the site may be on a slippery slope.<br />I hope not.
  • As I put the comp photos up I am not aloud to comment on them, but that is going to change.  I wont say who the shot is from, but if I like it then I am going to put a comment on the shot.  As I am not fussed about my entry,  I wont say things like nice shot David on my own one, ie not going to say who`s shot.
  • I used to comment on the monthly but when nobody else did I thought what the heck
  • Once my battery is charged and we have another walk up on the Downs, I will comment on some of the shots I like. 
  • Would it be possible for the comment to remain anonymous until after the judging? This would avoid the fact that you know whose photo it isn't, as soon as a comment appears on it!<br />The more comments I get, good or bad, the better I'm pleased. Who makes them is rather irrelevant, although you might put more weight on some than on others!
  • The problem with competition comments is that you can't reply.  So there is no interaction.<br /><br />Maybe we could have a post-mortem thread at the end of the monthly competion.  Also comments from the photographers as to why they took the shot would be of interest.<br />
  • Before I went out I put a comment on some of them.
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