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Amazon Customers

edited January 1970 in General off topic forum
There's an email going around headed - Surprise For You Dear { name }<br />- Click Here ...<br /><br />My advice is DON'T


  • From Amazon<br /><br />The e-mail you received wasn't from, and we're investigating the situation. We suggest you never respond to any e-mail message that asks you to provide personal or financial information, open an attachment you weren’t expecting, or navigate to a website linked to in the e-mail.<br /><br />If you replied to the e-mail or visited a linked website but didn't provide any personal information (such as your login or password) your account information should be safe.<br /><br /> doesn’t send e-mails that require you to open attachments, nor do we allow Sellers on Amazon Marketplace to do so. We recommend that you never open any e-mail attachments from suspicious or unknown sources.<br /><br />If you receive a suspicious e-mail that looks like it was sent from and contains an attachment, we recommend you forward the e-mail to (as an attachment, if possible) without opening it. Delete the e-mail after you forward it.
  • Thanks for the heads up Bob, we sometimes use Amazon.
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