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This should be interesting

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I shall soon be representing my sister at a tribunal.  She is 60 years of age.  She has had three operations on her spine, two at neck level and one, a spinal fusion, in her lower back.  As a result of the operations on her neck she can't lift her arms above her head.  As a result of the operation on her lower back she walks with crutches and can no longer drive.  As she is now permanently on morphine she is often very confused.<br /><br />Believe it or not, she is held to be fit for work and has to attend at the job centre.  We are not appealing this decision for money but simply to stop the trips to the job centre which cause her pain and distress.<br /><br />I just wonder where they get the idiots who make these decisions.


  • on 1467141776:
    <br />I just wonder where they get the idiots who make these decisions.<br />
    <br /><br />People more interested in money than compassion and common sense.
  • You wouldn't believe some of the things that they have come up with to show that she's fit for work Jonathan.  They said that she could lift a pizza box.  Only if it was immediately in front of her and not if it contained a pizza.  They said that she could get her handkerchief out of her handbag.  How the hell does that make her fit for work?
  • They said that she could get her handkerchief out of her handbag.  How the hell does that make her fit for work?
    <br /><br />She could be a pickpocket Bob.  :))
  • Put the big hat on Bob, use the training and make these people look the fools they are.<br />Good luck to you and your sister.
  • Give it your best shot Bob (no pun intended).................and show them as the fools they obviously are!
  • Good luck Bob
  • They make me sick these fools.  My mate is ex forces, lost a leg and eye in an explosion and they said he was fit  >:( >:(
  • Thanks folks<br /><br />
    on 1467142835:
    <br />Put the big hat on Bob, use the training and make these people look the fools they are.<br />Good luck to you and your sister.<br />
    <br />I've attended quite a few tribunals Bob.  Mostly acting as friend during my 16 years as a Fed Rep but also for my wife and myself and a friend.  I'll be very surprised if I can't win this one.  <br /><br />Just one part of my evidence:<br />
    Paragraph 4 states that the Health Care Professional observed that you walked 27 metres slowly to the examination room and they found this consistent with your health conditions.  They report that your lower limb examination was not completed due to pain and that overall the evidence shows that you are likely to have difficulty with mobilising long distances repeatedly and reliably.<br /><br />Yet in Paragraph 7 it is stated that having considered all available evidence, I place greater weight on the evidence of the Health Care Professional because the HCP's evidence is an expert and objective report containing clinical findings to support its conclusions.  It is based on observation and examination which focuses on the criteria relevant to the ESA.<br /><br />As the Health Care Professional appears to agree with my friend in relation to her problems in moving about it make one wonder if the writer actually read the report.<br />
  • Fingers crossed for you and your sister and hope all goes well. Give it to them with both barrels.
  • Thanks Margaret, I will.  The only saving grace regarding the tribunal is that I can attend on her behalf and she needn't go.
  • I'm just speechless, but not surprised.  What fools the so-called experts are.<br />Good luck!!
  • Thanks Sheila. :)
  • None of this surprises me, it horrifies me though. I have a friend who had a Downs syndrome sister and she had to take her to the doctor each year to confirm she still had Downs Syndrome!! Wouldn't it have been marvellous or perhaps a miracle if some how she wasn't. Also I had problems with my elbow a few years back and when sent for a check they asked if I could walk up stairs!!! Can you believe it?  Do they ever read the reports properly or use an atom of intelligence, I just gave up and left. Good luck Bob.
  • Thanks Elaine.  We had a similar problem when Paula applied for a blue badge.  She has the Type 1 latex Allergy and, if she comes into contact with latex, she goes into anaphylactic shock.  She actually went into shock on one occasion in an ambulance as they had no latex free kit.  Now we have been issued with a complete latex free kit by the hospital and it is in a medium size suitcase.  She must have it close by all the time but, as she has had spinal surgery, she can't carry it because of the weight.  It is always kept in the boot of her car so the car must be close.  You wouldn't believe the hoops we had to jump through to get the blue badge.  We won after going to appeal.  One of the many tribunals I mentioned.
  • Bureaucracy gone mad!<br /> <br />I had similar problems trying to get a blue badge for my Mum, aged 94.  They wanted her to travel some 6 miles for a medical to ensure she qualified!  There's nowhere near their medical examiners office to park and at 94 Mum couldn't be left on her own while I drove to the other side of town to park up.  The only reason we'd applied in the first instance was that Dad already had a blue badge for years and, as they were always taken out in mine or my sister's car together they didn't need one each.  But as Dad had become unable to get in an out of a car we felt that it would be wrong to use Dad's blue badge for Mum.  We stated this on the application.<br /> <br />In the end I wrote to our local newspaper, (who were very good in publishing an article about it), and Mum's MP who just happened to be Ed Miliband who said he would contact the council. <br /> <br />And three days later we got a letter from the head of the office responsible for blue badges at our council, apologising and advising Mum the he would supervise the  issuing her badge personally.<br /> <br />The people employed are really just a bunch of box tickers with no capability or authority to make a judgement call based on common sense.<br /> <br />Good luck with the tribunal, but keep the thought of your MP and newspapers as a possible fallback plan.
  • Thanks Peter, I'll bear that in mind.
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