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Hello again and SQUIGGLES

Its been a VERY long time, so i thought i would come back with some red squirrel photos i took last week.<br />and yes they were wild :)


  • Nice set Andy.  Nice to see you back here.  Reminds me of the non-existent red at SLWAP with T. :))
  • cheers Bob, God thats going back a bit  :))
  • Certainly is mate.  I wonder if T remembers that? ;D
  • she does and she says "hi Bob"<br />and whilst I'm on i might as well post some tiggers (well they always were my fav animal)
  • Yes I remember we couldn't get you away from the ones at South Lakes. :))  Hi T. :)
  • What a brilliant set of shots. That's one creature I'd love to photograph far less actually see one in captivity.
  • Absolutely fantastic images there.
  • Lovely set of pictures.
  • Adorable
  • Lovely set and well composed
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