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Looking towards their future

on their first trip to big school.<br /><br />


  • Great candid shot Bob that works well in mono. Our nursery kids had visit to P1 last week, graduation day today as schools out tomorrow and P7' s had 3 transition days last week at High School
  • This is a lovely shot. Takes me back, happy memories.
  • Lovely photo
  • Even without seeing their faces, the body language tells it all. Great shot.
  • Thanks folks.  I just love this photo. :)
  • How did I miss this one ?  <br /><br />Great shot Bob. <br /><br />Phil
  • on 1467323767:
    <br />How did I miss this one ?  <br /><br />Great shot Bob. <br /><br />Phil<br />
      Agree with Phil.  Cracking shot and goes bang on in mono  O0
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