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Indian Tigers (Bengal)

Those of you who remember me, will remember I have a thing about tigers. To me they are just beautiful and last year I managed to get out to India with my Wife to go photograph them in the wild. Here are 5 of my Fav's. I hope you enjoy


  • Wonderful pictures Andy.  Well done indeed.  I knew there was a reason I'd missed your photography. ;D
  • Amazing is the only word to describe these. #1 and #5 are my favourites
  • To see Tigers in the wild is a dream of mine as well, India is on my list of countries to visit, one day perhaps.<br />Your photos are superb I love all of them. Thank you for sharing them with us, Pam.
  • on 1467173580:
    <br />Amazing is the only word to describe these. #1 and #5 are my favourites<br />
    <br />I agree with your choice Margaret.  Incidentally, Andy is one of the best wildlife photographers I have ever come across.
  • Great set of pics.
  • Lovely shots. #1 is my favourite.
  • #1 is my choice too, but all are fantastic and love the lot  O0
  • Wow!!! These are stunning.  My favourite animal.  The light on the first one is amazing.
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