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Today I remember my Grandfather 1390 Sgt Arthur Henry Rosamond and his father William Thomas Rosamond, both of the London Regiment, and both Killed in Action 100 years ago in the Battle of the Somme. Their names, along with some of the many thousands who died with them are on the THIEPVAL MEMORIAL, Somme, France Pier and Face 9 C and 9 D


  • Sad day for Britain but if it hadn't been for those courageous men goodness know what kind of live we would have today. I salute all these brave men who did their bit for our country. We should never forget them.<br /><br />I've visited the war graves at Cassino a couple of times and the peaceful atmosphere always makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up but it was worth the emotions I felt and the photos I took
  • William Thomas Rosamond - taken in India Died on the Somme<br />
  • A photograph I took from the steps on  Theipval Memorial<br /> <br />Theipval_zps661a52ff.jpg<br /> <br />For our tomorrow they gave their today.
  • Thanks Peter.
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