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Some bat photos taken with my Canon 70D. The first three I used an 85mm f1.8 lens and the built in flash. The last photo I used a 100mm f2.8 and an external flash attached to the hot shoe.


  • I think the last one is a lot smaller and a different species.<br /><br />The external flash seems better. I might try my 70 - 200mm lens next at full zoom. All these photos are cropped.
  • Great shots Jonathan, but that last one is WOW  O0 O0
  • Whatever you used Jonathan has gone way over my head...... BUT.. all I can say is that these are amazing shots !!!!
  • I tried this once.  Gave up.
  • Thanks for the comments folks.<br /><br />I took these in my garden and knew approximately where the bats would be coming from. Before it got too dark, I could see them coming against a twilight sky and surprisingly the autofocus managed to lock on most of the time - especially at wider apertures. I set the shutter to 1/250 and varied the aperture as an experiment. Using the Yongnuo external flash (in the last shot) I could adjust the output to get the exposure I wanted. Unfortunately the bats appeared a bit too late last night and I only managed a handful of shots.
  • Great shots Jonathan. Remember lots of the little critter flying around my head when we went fishing around sunset years ago but have never seen any since.
  • Thanks Margaret. I'm quite lucky because they appear in my garden most summer evenings. I don't know what the neighbours think though. Hopefully they think it's just lightning in the distance.  :-[
  • Just a thought for you Jonathan, next time you get the bats try the 70D on Spot.  It might help or might not.
  • The problem will be keeping the spot on the bat. In some of these photos, the bat is at the edge of the shot before cropping.  :-[
  • on 1467565741:
    <br />The problem will be keeping the spot on the bat. In some of these photos, the bat is at the edge of the shot before cropping.  :-[<br />
      Good point Jonathan.  Another one you could try is Zone metering.
  • Well. I tried the 70 - 200mm f4 but it wouldn't focus well in the fading light.<br /><br />So tonight I tried the 85mm f1.8. I think the bats are slightly overexposed. It's difficult to get right as the closer they are, the less flash is needed. Anyway, here are some from tonight.<br /><br />I think the last one has caught an insect.
  • Even if you are having trouble to focus, your doing a great job  O0 O0
  • It's easier to take them in daylight, particularly if they are just hanging around!
  • Thanks David. I used shutter priority again set at 1/250 sec. I think possible that the 100mm lens focuses faster but it is an L series.<br /><br />[member=2564]George[/member] It would certainly be easier in daylight and with larger bats. I can't get them to keep still.
  • fantastic set, Ive had a go at shooting these and it isnt easy, Well done
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