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edited January 1970 in Announcements
I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone at Chat Photography.  From Chris, the admins and the outstanding members.  To see the comments and feed back on every ones post.  Refreshing to see.  Good to see cc as it helps us all. So from a very greatful member.  Credit to you all.  Great to see the rocking once again.


  • I second the above  :)
  • Thanks guys on behalf of the admins. ;D
  • You all do a wonderful job for us and thanks isn't nearly enough
  • You keep providing quality shots like you're doing and I for one will keep commenting. The other thing I like about you John is that you are happy to receive cc and openly encourage it. Keep up the great work mate.
  • I think most members are happy to receive cc.  If not then they should say so when they post an image.
  • Getting cc is the only way to improve your photography and if you don't want it then you shouldn't be posting images on a photographic site. I would always accept cc
  • John has always asked for CC and, in the last 5 years since joining this site, he has progressed from a rank beginner to quite a good photographer.  He has always accepted advice.
  • I can't find anything on John's portrait shots that I would improve! I'll keep looking though.
  • Thank you all. It is great to see.
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