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Keep an eye on thing Moz.  Paula's not well so I might be missing for a while.


  • I hope things work out soon Bob.
  • All my wishes and hope Paula gets well soon Bob.
  • So sorry to hear that Bob. I do hope Paula gets well soon.
  • I hope Paula gets well soon Bob
  • Sorry to hear that Bob. Give Paula mine and Lindsey's best mate.
  • Best wishes for a speedy recovery Paula. Fingers crossed Bob
  • [member=671]Bob[/member] - Send Paula our best wishes for a speedy recovery. You take care as well and keep us posted on how she is improving if that's not too much of an intrusion.
  • [member=671]Bob[/member] ... Only just seen this.  Wishing Paula a speedy recovery and sending my best wishes to both of you.
  • Thanks folks. Just a quick update.  Unfortunately Paula is no better after most of a day at the hospital where they originally thought she had meningitis.  I don't think they know what it is but it's causing severe pain in her ears.
  • Poor Paula. I hope they can find out what it is and treat it.
  • Sorry to hear that Bob. Hope a cure is found soon and Paula recovers well. Take care. 
  • Paula is back on her feet but is still having problems.  We still don't know for sure what the problem is but her doctor now suspects it's muscular problems with a muscle running down from her ear to he collar bone. He did say the name of the muscle but it's about three feet long.<br /><br />She has some pain killing gel to massage into the spot and it does seem to be improving gradually.<br /><br />Thanks for all you good wishes.
  • Pleased to hear your news Bob. Best wishes to Paula
  • [member=671]Bob[/member] <br /><br />Glad to hear Paula back on her feet but tell her to take care and you too
  • Thanks Moz and Margaret. :)
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