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Don't panic

edited January 1970 in Announcements
I've not forgotten the forum, I just have very little free time to get stuff done at the moment. The new software I have planned, isn't playing ball, so don't want to switch, until it is 100%.<br />There is also a spanner in the works right now, as my dad died on Saturday, and not in a pleasant peaceful way either.Not going in to details, but you can read it  [size=14pt]HERE[/size]


  • When you catch up with them Chris, I've got two mates and me who are prepared to swear we were playing cards at the time.<br />
  • I'm so sorry for you and your family Chris. Sometimes life is so unfair.
  • My sincerest condolences to all the family
  • I am so sorry. It was dreadful and I hope the culprits are caught quickly.
  • Sorry to hear of this Chris.  Best to leave it to the police though.
  • I don't think the police will do anything David.  I'm pretty sure Chris will though.
  • So sorry to hear your sad news Chris.  My deepest condolences to you and your family.
  • Very sorry to hear the news Chris.
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