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For the newer members who don't know about Sophie: I've known Sophie through a web site I run for a charity (Latex Allergy Support Group) for many years.  She was a young girl when I first came across her but she is now a young lady.  She not only suffers from the Type 1 Latex Allergy but also has very severe MS.  Karen (Sophie's mum) managed Sophie at home for years and Sophie was in and out of hospital.  <br /><br />Sophie loves animals and I used to send her pictures of my dogs.  The forum have made Sophie three books of animal pictures, all the pictures being donated free of charge by forum members.  Sophie was unable to open the books herself and Karen would sit with her and show her the pictures and Sophie loved it. <br /><br />Eventually Karen managed to get Sophie into St. Cyril's Hospital, Chester, where, at long last, she is receiving proper treatment and showing some improvement.  She is now able to open her own mail.<br /><br />This is an email I received from Karen recently:<br /><br />"Hello Bob,<br /><br />Good to hear from you, hope you are well?  I lost all my old emails a few months ago so very annoying and had forgotten where I was with replying etc.<br /><br />Sophie would be delighted to receive Christmas cards and would really cheer her up 😊 thank everyone for me, you are all so kind to remember her.<br /><br />Best wishes, Karen X"<br /><br />I wonder if we could all send Sophie a Christmas card this year as she can now open her own mail.  I think it would help to cheer up a very unfortunate young lady.<br />Sophie's address is:<br /><br />Sophie Ellis<br />St. Cyril's Hospital<br />Countess of Chester Health Park<br />Liverpool Road<br />Chester<br />CH2 1HJ<br />


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