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**Scheduled maintenance today**

edited January 1970 in Announcements
Going to be fully backing up everything today, and optimising the databases etc that run the forum and other websites, so you may experience the odd time when the forum runs a bit slow this morning. <!-- s;) -->;)<!-- s;) -->
In theory it shouldn't effect the forum speeds etc, but it depends on the server resources being used,and the amount of traffic hitting here, and other sites I manage <!-- s;) -->;)<!-- s;) -->


  • does that include my website Chris?, just gonna upload a preview abum and a bit of updating ...... just so i aint texting ya saying it won't work! lol
  • Yeah it does Jayne, but it shouldn't effect yours at all. <!-- s:mrgreen: -->:mrgreen:<!-- s:mrgreen: --> Should only take me about an hour in total, but I ain't starting till about dinner time today. Got all the major backups from last month to sift to another drive here first <!-- s;) -->;)<!-- s;) -->
  • That's a thankless task, Chris! I've got one to tidy over the weekend as well... <!-- s:( -->:(<!-- s:( -->
  • you and Sean are like geeksRus pmsl
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