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Forced Perspective - The Monthly Comp That Ended Just As The Forum Software Was Changed

I don't know if the Forced Perspective comp results were ever posted, the old version of the site disappeared without me seeing a results list.

But in a fit of technical enthusiasm, I set up an Excel spreadsheet to add the points up so I could see the scores as the comp progressed. These are the results that I came up with, they may not be complete if anyone voted late, and I don't know who posted which photo.

1st #6.................31 points
2nd= #4 & #7.........27 points
4th #2.................13 points
5th #1.................12 points
6th #5...................6 points
7th #3...................4 points

I assume the entrants know which numbers their photos were. (Mine was number 7)


  • I didn't get a chance to vote and didn't know how to let you know my choices

  • Did you know the forum was going to change, or were you taken completely by surprise as I was?
    I think it was a very poor show to simply pull the plug on the site and leave people in the dark for three days without a word of explanation!!

  • By surprise as I was going to vote on the 2nd last night but my ISP went down and when I tried to get in on the last day I couldn't

  • Are you on Sky? Mine went down too.

  • No - Talk Talk but the Edinburgh Festival was still on so trying to get a connection was impossible. I was getting a message no lines available

  • I think it took everyone by surprise. The old software was hacked so Chris had no alternative but to close it down. However, as the new software gets up and running I think it ill all fall back into place.

  • That's good to know Bob

  • Given your brief explanation, Bob, I'm feeling a lot less aggrieved by the change, now.
    And I'm beginning to find my way around too. I just hope the interruption and new software don't scare people away - activity was already at a very low level before the change over.

    I get the impression that the old version's limits on photo size (both bytes and pixels) may not apply now, is this the case?

  • I can't see a way of editing my original post giving the scores in the competition so I'm tagging this on the end of this thread.
    I've just received this email from Kasey telling me who the photos belonged to:

    Hi Alan,

    thanks for posting the results - I still don't have permission to do at anything except change my profile, can only look at the discussions when I'm logged out!!
    I did post top three on face book but if you could post the details of which belonged to who that would be great.

    I'll put the new comp up as soon as I get my permissions through from Chris! Assuming I can actually find the themes people had given me, they were all on the old site


    So the results are

    1st . . . . . . No. 6 - Mary-Ann - 31 points
    2nd = . . . .No. 4 - David Coppen - 27 points
    2nd = . . . .No. 7 - Parky54 - 27 points
    4th . . . . . . No. 2 - margaret55 - 13 points
    5th . . . . . . No. 1 - BokeMoire - 12 points
    6th . . . . . . No. 5 - Mags100 - 6 points
    7th . . . . . . No. 3 - Digital John - 4 points

  • Thanks for the win anyone who didn`t see my post on FB, & well done to David & Alan
    Good shots everyone ... not an easy challenge

  • Do we yet have a facility for daily challenges?

  • Well done Mary Ann

  • Well done winners and everyone else.

  • Mary-Ann
    "Do we yet have a facility for daily challenges?"
    I don't think there is anything stopping the daily challenge again - we can simply post our shots in a thread (or discussion as this forum calls it) in this category.

    I was waiting to see if the last winner would post a topic, though maybe no-one knows who won the last one. I will happily set one today if that's OK with everyone.

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