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For tomorrow's challenge lets see a macro of some part of a ballpoint pen or fountain pen. 
Have fun people!


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    Mine's in.... my late father's battered old fountain pen.

  • Mine`s in...

    The clip on my stainless steel Parker fountain pen that my best friend gave me for my 21st
  • Mine's in.

    transparent ballpoint

  • Mine's in

    The top of the Cross platinum pen that my wife gave me for our 20th wedding anniversary.

  • I can see I'm going to have to step up a gear to match these, especially as my shot last night is almost identical to Mary_Ann's (same pen, same angle, slightly less close)  :/
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    Mine's in
    The other end of the clip of a Parker fountain pen

  • So far I've completely emptied the bureau (and filled the dining table) and I still can't find my Mum's old fountain pen! Mind you, that was a job that needed doing :)
  • Kasey said:
    So far I've completely emptied the bureau (and filled the dining table) and I still can't find my Mum's old fountain pen! Mind you, that was a job that needed doing :)
    Me too. My mother had a colourfull ball point and I can't find that either.
  • Mine's in: Mum's Pen

  • Mines in : 2 in 1 pen
  • NFJ then pen when the nib is retracted can be used for a touch screen
  • Mine's in. Similar to others but there are only two ends to a pen!

    Pen.JPG 567.9K
  • Folks, I was just going to call time and judge but I just realized Ihave to leave to pick up my wife from work, and also this site has inexplicably become very slow for me . Judging will be about an hour late, hope that's ok with everyone.
  • No worries Bill.  :)
  • NFJ - but just because I finally found it at 8.45pm!!

  •   :) .  As Bill is late with his judging, perhaps he'll be kind and allow it.  And the emoji has appeared at the beginning of the post!!!
  • Time's up and I will allow Kasey's entry. back in a moment with results.
    Is the sight slow for anyone else? Taking a long time for the photos to load.

  • Results: Bob. Nice looking pen and with nice memories attached. 
    2nd: Kasey's photo of a very beautiful pen.
    3rd: everyone else, great shots all and thanks for playing! Over to you Bob!
  • Many thanks Bill but, as this is the first time I have entered, can someone tell me what I have to do next? :#
  • Well done Bob and Kasey. Nice shots. Thanks for the challenge Bill.

    @bob Choose a challenge and start a new thread titled Tuesday's IHC telling us what the challenge is. Come back at 8.30 pm and judge. Simples. Welcome to the challenges.
  • Congrats Bob!
    Thanks for allowing my entry Bill and for 2nd place - I've spent several hours and a lot of effort looking for that pen and when I found it I realised why I'd put it where it was :/ It was my Mum's 21st Birthday present from her sister - in 1946!
  • Funnily enough, I lost that pen a couple of weeks ago while Paula was on holiday.   I was heartbroken.   When she got back I didn't know how to tell her and on Sunday morning we went to collect her car that had been repaired.   The repairers had had it for 16 days.
    She got in the car and said, 'What's this doing on the back seat?' and handed me the pen.  
  • Well done Bob and Kasey - nice pens and lovely memories.  Thanks for the interesting challenge Bill.
  • Well done Bob and Kasey
  • Thanks everyone, I must try to find time for this as I found it interesting, amusing and I was impressed with the quality of the entries.   I must say that I'm proud to have won against such fine competition.
  • Well done Bob and Kasey, nice shots. Thanks for the Challenge Bill.
  • Congrats Bob & Kasey 
    Thanks for the challenge Bill
  • Well done Bob and Kasey.

  • Well done Bob and Kasey. Thanks for the challenge and for judging Bill.

    @Bob. Welcome to the challenges Bob!
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