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Tuesday Snapshot 12th Sept

Thanks again Sheila.

Well you all know what to do, get your cameras charged up, and start snapping away and enter your best shot. Make sure your memory card is in, lol.

See you around 8.30pm


  • Mine's in.

    We have new neighbours and even before they have moved in they are having 6 out of the 7 mature trees in their garden cut down which is a shame. They should have bought a house that didn't have any trees.
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    Mines in
  • Mine`s in... 

    The old railway station Yarmouth
  • @Mary_Ann You could publish a wonderful book of the 'Isle of Wight Behind the Ears'.
  • @Dipper ;  Why would anyone want to cut down all those trees? Criminal. As you say, they should have bought a house without any to start with.  Over here we have to have Council permission before we cut down any trees, it's a huge fine if you do so.  Not allowed to cut down native trees though...
  • Mine's in....    Babiana - Taken today

  • Mine's in. Looks like Mum and daughter have parked up for a while.

  • Dipper said:
    @Mary_Ann You could publish a wonderful book of the 'Isle of Wight Behind the Ears'.
    @Dipper Getting around is better now They`ve been putting that horrid black go faster tar on our roads, & the ponies were sliding all over the place, but I had road studs put on them last week when the blacksmith came & it`s much better when you do have to negotiate roads, I was having to stick to the Downs 
    Shame about your neighbours trees... I bet they would have been protected if someone had notified the council, that one he`s butchering looks like a Beech... it feeds lots of creatures.
  • Mine's in.  Just back from the groomers and Dolly still manages to look scruffy. 

    I still can't get an emoji to go where I put my cursor.  It always goes to the beginning of my post.

  • My shot of Dolly is terrible compared to the one on my PC.  It has a cold tone to it and her hair looks very strange.
  • NFJ  Just wanted to compare this shot, now that I've resized it before posting.

  • That is more like the one on my PC, so resizing might be better for me in future.
  • Mine's in:
    Growing succulents from the ones in my daughter's wedding bouquet.

  • @janga.stud  -  Sheila I've been resizing all of my entries

    1st Mary Ann A lovely image of an old station, ours is home to a Builders Merchant business.
    2nd Sheila with Dolly's new haircut
    3rd Everyone else.

    Over to you Mary Ann

  • Well done winners
  • Thanks for the win Mags & for judging
    Well done Sheila .... lovely haircut  :)
  • Well done Mary-Ann and Sheila.  Thanks for judging Mags.
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    Well done winners!
  • Well done Mary-Ann and Sheila. Thanks for judging Mags.
  • Well done Marion. I love those ear shots. Congrats also to Sheila. Nice animal portrait. Thanks for judging Mags.

    @Mary_Ann They only took down ash trees. The beech tree in the photo was last man standing but it seems to have been severely tortured.

  • Well done Mary-Ann... nice shot.  Thanks for 2nd Mags and for judging.
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