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Won't be around much for a while

I'm on Morphine for a while and no use to man nor beast when I'm on it.   Then I hope to be off it by next Saturday and, if so, I'm off to stay with a friend in Lockerbie on the Sunday.


  • Poor you. Is that for your back?

    Who is going to look after us? The other moderators seem to be AWOL.
  • Poor you Bob. Hope you are feeling better soon and manage to get to Lockerbie
  • hope you are better soon Bob matey.
  • Take care Bob.  Hope you're back to some sort of normality soon.
  • Thanks folks, I'm sure I'll be OK.   Back problem has flared up.   It does that now and again.   Hoping to leave things in your capable hands @JohnD83
  • Not a problem Bob. I am still getting to grips with this new layout.
  • It is so much easier to upload images direct now.
  • Sorry you are having that back pain again Bob, I do hope you will soon be feeling better, you take Bob.
  • All the best Bob, hope your back is better quickly.
  • Take care Bob X
  • Thanks for all your good wishes folks.   The medication is being reduced now so I'm hoping I'll be off it altogether by Saturday.   If that is the case, I'll be off to stay with a friend in Lockerbie for a week on Sunday.
  • @Bob ; Have a nice relaxing break.
  • Thanks Sheila.   Good news folks; I'm off the medication now and will definitely be going to Lockerbie on Sunday morning.   Really looking forward to the break and to seeing old friends. 
  • @Bob - have a good time and I hope the weather stays fine
  • Thanks Margaret.   See you all next week folks.
  • Have a fantastic trip Bob. 
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