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Monday's Snapshot Challenge

Thanks again Jonathan for the win.

We all know what to do don't we? Bring me your best photo from today or last 7 days for judging.

I can't wait to see what you bring.  Have a good evening and a good day tomorrow.  


All welcome using any camera or phone with the proviso that pictures are taken in jpeg format and as near on automatic setting as possible.
If you want your photo to be judged, put ‘Mine’s in’ before or after the photo.
Photos must be taken within the last 7 days and entered by 8.30pm UK time.
No manipulation of your photos is allowed except for cropping/straightening/de-saturating.
Photos can be changed within 10 minutes of posting (allows for errors).
The results are to be announced by about 21:00. The person placed 1st will set the following day's competition as soon as possible and judge it. If not available pass to 2nd place by 10.00am at the latest.
The member posting the Daily Snapshot Challenge should delete thread after 2 days


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