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Strange daylight

There's a strange quality to the daylight today. It's very yellow. I can't capture it in a photo though.


  • Here we go. Camera set to shade white balance. This is pretty much how it looks.

  • It was a bit like that here early on and quite misty too.
  • @Dipper
    I remember as a child the sky always seemed to be yellowish just before a storm - batten down the hatches!
  • edited October 2017
    It's not even going to get very windy here. We've got lights on in the house now. It's quite dark outside.
  • Wind due to get up to 40/50 mph here.   70/80 further north.
  • Wind is really getting up here now.
  • The sun actually looked red and could easily be looked at without discomfort.  The sky was this colour though.   Apparently it's due to dust from the Sahara being blown in by the storm.
  • Cleared here around 3.30 & sun is out although still a bit of an "evening"  colour. Earlier it looked like the day we had the partial eclipse!
  • My car is absolutely covered in dust.
  • The wind got that bad that it blew me into the pub.
  • That's terrible Bob. Did they serve draught beer?
  • It was very strange to see. 
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