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Flickr Users

Good Morning All,

Just a quick heads up to all the users who use Flickr. Over thee past few weeks the amount of spam has got increasingly worse. Many Flickr uses have been getting notifications saying  that they have been mentioned in a comment. These are fake profiles and many users will have been mentioned. These are usually images of ladies and within their profile it has a link where you can few all their other photos & videos. Please do not click the link as it will direct you to a virus. I have also seen many users replying back with "hi"or "hello there" I have been a member of Flickr since 2011 and there as never been an issue with this kind of thing but it would appear it is on the rise.

Keep safe 



  • I'm not a Flickr user but I'm sure some members are so thanks for the heads up John.
  • edited December 2017
    Nothing has come to me .... yet. But thanks for the warning. I would hope that any virus wouldn't affect the Ubuntu operating system on my PC anyway.
  • No problem at all. It is a clever way of doing it. When I was a irc mod years ago one of my key roles way the protection of users and getting rid of spam and spam bots.
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