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Got a Kingfisher but not the best photo.

Went to Sevenoaks Wildfowl Reserve about 4am ish. sat in the hide and waited. Then this turned up. Was there for hours and hours and it was the only one i saw all the time i was there. Nowhere near as good as JohnD83's photos but i'm happy i actually saw one.

Light was awful due to it being half dark outside still so had to edit it the best i could to make it usable. Happy with it anyway though.

Couple of fellas turned up in the hide a few hours later and asked if i'd seen anything good. Told them about this one and they said that they hardly ever land in front of that hide so i was very very lucky.

Got loads so will add a few to a blog post with everything else i managed to take a bad photo of lol.


  • Just be patient Si. They are tricky little blighters to photograph. I know because the one in our local park hides and we just have to sit at the side of the pond and wait patiently for it to appear. 
  • I'll be going back there at stupid o'clock sometime this week to have another go lol
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