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Track day at Brands Hatch yesterday.

Had no idea what i was doing so though i would give it a go. Few decent ones.


  • I like those. You've frozen the bike and rider but blurred the spokes and background which gives the (real) impression of speed. Are these taken with your new super zoom lens?
  • They were. 

    I'm going to come clean though. The track day was only a training ride so they were only doing 60-70 mph lol.

    Thought i'd start off with something slower first to make sure i could actually do it before having a go at the really fast stuff. 

    I took a stupid amount of photos though, glad it wasn't film. Will probably go down there a couple of times a month as they have all sorts of different track days and it's free to get in and free parking so happy days.
  • Very nice set Si.
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