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Sailing into September

Another month over. It won't be long until the leaves start to change colour.


  • They already have here Margaret .... the poor old horse chestnuts along the stream have some sort of leaf miner that turns them early, & I expect with the stress of drought this year it has been brought on even earlier

  • It was nice and sunny but we now have a heavy shower. I had to stop watering the garden and come inside. ;)
  • @Dipper ....Hope you`ve topped up the water in Mrs Dippers roses Jonathan ;)
  • Mary_Ann said:
    @Dipper ....Hope you`ve topped up the water in Mrs Dippers roses Jonathan ;)
    @Mary_Ann Too late. I noticed they were nearly dead today and there was no water left in the vase. I’ve been too busy dismantling the kitchen and other parts of the house to notice. Oops.
  • @Dipper - You'd better replace them for her coming home or you'll be in the dog house again

  • Yippeeeee !!!   Got my internet and landline back.  One phone call today, from "Shirley", telling me that there's a virus on my computer.... NOT!!
  • Only 5 days left to get your entry into the monthly folks - get out there with your cameras in the dark :)
  • It's a bit draughty.
  • Not too bad here but on beck tomorrow we're meant to get heavy rain and their is an amber wind warning in p!ace
  • Voting is now open in the Monthly Comp :)
  • Don't forget to vote in the monthly competition - you only have till 8pm Sunday! Open to all :)
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