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On my goodness it's already October

Well the shorter days daylight wise have arrived and its much cooler. The only compensation is the colours on the trees.


  • Beautiful autumnal colours here in Dornoch. Blue sky, sunshine and warm. Much better than we left
  • Just one week left to enter the monthly comp - don't forget!
  • Monthly comp closes tomorrow night, 8pm - don't miss your chance to enter!
  • Voting is open in the monthly comp!
  • Woohoo! Got my HS30 back from the Fuji repair shop :) :)
    New lens and new LCD screen and the whole thing cleaned and guaranteed for 12 months. Not bad for £105 standard price. Think that's at least the second lens replacement - it gets carted everywhere in my rucksack and the lens eventually comes loose. Still cheaper than buying a new one every time.
  • Last chance to vote in the monthly competition, closes 8pm tonight - you don't have to have entered to vote :)
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