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Thanks again for the win Marion! 
Tomorrow's challenge: THAT'S AN ODD COMBINATION.
Have fun and see y'all tomorrow!


  • Mine`s in....

    Meg will guard the mower all day!  :)

  • Mary_Ann said:
    Mine`s in....

    Meg will guard the mower all day!  :)

    That shot reminds me so much of the border collie we got when I was eleven.
    I don't remember him going for the lawn mower, but he went doolally when the hoover was being used, same with a broom!
    I still have a hand brush with deep tooth marks.
  • Mine's in: Veggie Burger, Chips and Dolly Mixtures, yummy, which kept falling from my fork!  :D

  • Mine's in. Scone with jam, bit of salad and prawns.

  • One of those busy days today I'm afraid. I've been getting my boat ready for lift out and family have descended for the next four nights.
  • Time's up. Not many entries so I'll just do the winner which is Jackie because the scone and salad look tasty but the prawns look disgusting. lol Thanks folks and now over to you Jackie.
  • Thanks Bill. Back soon with new Challenge.
  • Well done Jackie
  • Well done Jackie
  • Well done Jackie 
    Thanks for the challenge Bill
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