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How would you interpret this photo theme?

Hi, I would like your opinions.   

My work social club run a photography competition once a year. The 1st prize is £50, 2nd prize £30, and 3rd prize £20.

The photos are judged by the other members, all very similar set up to here really.  (anonymous entries though, randomly numbered). In previous years themes have included Buildings, Bridges,Reflections, etc.

This time the theme for entries, as picked by the commitee, is TIME TRAVEL. 

Number of entries received in 4 weeks?, just 2! 

Granted not everyone is into photography, but there are usually around 20 entries out of a membership of approx 300 people elegible to enter, for FREE.

People complaining they don't know what is expected of the theme.   I must admit, it's not what I would have chosen.

Deadline extended for 2 weeks. My entry is already in, I had always planned to enter, just missed the original deadline. Will show you it after judging. Mid November.

If you had 4 weeks to mull this over, as they had, what do you think you would come up with? 

 If you feel like submitting a mock "entry" below in the next 2 weeks, until 15th November, we can run a parallel, NO PRIZE experiment, to test your grey matter and creativity. :)



  • In 1837, the Spinx was uncovered.  I was there - here is a newspaper photo from the time.

  • I suppose you could split the theme into time and travel and show a clock/watch and a means of transport.

    Or maybe an old photo of a scene with the current view partly visible behind so the two images blend together.

    Or find a police phone box if you can!
  • You could show a pic of a watch being put into an envelope for mailing addressed to "the world". You could show a watch strapped to a hiker's back pack. Or put a watch or clock on a roller skate or skate board or on the hood of a car. 
  • This is one I entered into the recent daily challenge here themed "travel" and I interpreted it as time travel showing an old sign on the wall of the town hall about filling motor vehicle gas containers (that's the British use of gas, meaning coal gas not petroleum.)

  • edited November 2018
    How about this... Your time`s running out Mr Trump!!! ... fall anticipated!!

  • I love your suggestions!  Boke , as it is anonymous, they are not allowed to feature in it theirselves, MaryAnn that;s a cracker, but again they would need to have taken photo themselves, so clever as it is, it would be invalid. Parky, Bill, good ones. Keep em coming.  
  • I was suggesting to someone today a bedside cabinet, with an alarm clock on it, showing time as say 9am, and a train ticket for a train at 8.30am, that they have missed!  a trailing arm from under the duvet would help....

    Also something arty involving a simple egg timer, and travel, somehow...same idea as Dipper, split it into the 2 elements, time and travel.
  • in the end, we got 21 entries, will share more details with you once we have started/finished judging them in next 2 weeks.
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