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Sunday's IHC Challenge. 4th November.

Thanks again Valerie.-----------------
Your challenge for today is SOMETHING YOU USE EVERYDAY.Have a nice day everyone and see you back here around

RulesPhotos must be taken between now and 8.30 p.m.

No manipulation of your photo is allowed except for cropping and straightening.

Photos cannot be changed once posted.

If you want your photo to be judged, put ‘Mine’s in’ before or after the photo.

The winner is to be announced at 9pm approx.

The winner is to set the Challenge as soon as possible - 10am the next day at the very latest.

If 1st fails to set the challenge by 10 am then the 2nd place takes over the daily challenge. (Or 3rd if neither first nor second are available).

Any other decisions regarding changes to the rules for the day is the Judges decision on the day (Eg. Can I change my photo?).


  • Mine's in....

  • Mine's in...taken on my phone
  • Mine's in. 9 times out of 10 I post  2 meg pictures into the competitions that are transfered from my camera to my tablet via Snapbridge. This photo is one such example.  I find it much handier for doing quick photos than loading them onto my computer via SD card. I use this tablet every day for this and almost all my online activity.
  • Mine's In

    my super new toaster!  I have just had toasted buns with avocado topping. yum!
  • Mine's in. I use my credit and debit cards far too often but it's fun buying on line.

  • Thanks for your interesting entries today folks.  My choices are as follows.

    1st.    Mary-Ann    Good shot of what looks like a very upmarket bicycle. It surprised me I thought yours would be a pony.

    2nd.   Bill               A typical everyday useful object. I have a friend who uses hers daily.

    3rd.    Kathy's        Wristwatch, another everyday item I too would be lost without.

    Well done everyone else.

    Over to you now Mary-Ann.

  • well done winners
  • Well done Marion Bill and Kathy
  • Well done Marion and Kathy, thanks for my place and for judging Jackie!
  • Thanks for the win Jackie & the challenge... I be lost without the bike - twice a day to the ponies field , down the village to the shops, or to the Bay for photos  :)

    Well done Bill & Kathy ... good shots 
  • Well done Marion, Bill and Kathy. Nice shots. Thanks for the challenge Jackie.
  • Well done Mary-Ann and Bill. Thanks for 3rd, the challenge and for judging Jackie.
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