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DISASTER.... advice needed

Won't bore you with the details, but because of a fault on my camera, I've managed to format my SD card, thus deleting some photos of a recent trip to the Somme etc.  I immediately put in a new SD card, so I've not overwritten anything.  On checking the internet, there are loads of companies who will try to recover the photos, but it's knowing which one to go with.

So my question is.... has anyone used a company that they can recommend.  Some will let you have a free trial, but with only a limited memory and I'm not sure how much is on my card.

Any advice most welcome.


  • You could try to do it yourself Sheila. I've managed it before but I can't remember what program I used because my operating system is Ubuntu. This one is from a very well known firm and there is a free version. It's for Windows.

    You were right not to do anything else with the card. If you have just done a quick format, it doesn't overwrite anything. All it does is remove the 'index' and marks all the space as free.

  • @Dipper ;  Thanks Jonathan... that's one of the names that I'd made a note of.  Will check it out. :)
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    @janga.stud I've just remembered that we have a Windows 10 laptop. I've checked that and Recuva was indeed the program that I used to recover deleted files from a camera card.

    We hardly ever use that laptop as Windows is a PITA and it is so slow even though there is virtually nothing on it.
  • @Dipper ;  I'm going to give it a try this afternoon!!  Need to be in a calm state of mind.  Don't know how much data is on the card as I can't remember when I last formatted it.  I know that I must have taken a few hundred shots and at least 2 videos.  [ I took 369 photos in a day and a half with my new SD card ]

    So I might go for the £19.95 option, just in case there is too much for the free one to cope with !

    Also, if it doesn't work, you get your money back.  I really thought that they were gone forever, so it will be worth it.  Hopefully got some decent shots and videos of the Last Post at the Menin Gate.
    To top all that, I managed to crash my camera against the steps of the tour bus and knocked off the viewfinder.  Didn't notice until the next day, but luckily, the driver had spotted it on the steps and saved it on his dashboard.

    Will let you know how I get on.... fingers [and everything else ] crossed.
  • You could try a local reputable computer repairer Sheila ... that`s what I did when my desk top hard drive was stripped by hackers .... He managed to retrieve all the material on it & there were thousands of pictures going back 9 or 10 years , & some before that that I had scanned from slides.
    Hope you manage to get it fixed
  • I've used the free copy of Recuver in the past and it works well.
  • @janga.stud   Hi Sheila, I was just looking through this section and noticed your post and was wondering if you were able to recover your photos. I hope you were as it's good to know there's a program out there to help do that. :)
  • @witchone ; I did manage to get some photos back myself, using Recuva.  Probably about 60 from about 400.  Got in touch with them and explained everything.  They refunded my fee, which I thought was quite generous.   Still have the SD card and at some point I will take it to a computer "expert" to see if anything else can be done.
  • @janga.stud .... Hi Sheila , it really is worth it to get a boffin  to retrieve your pictures, I would have lost thousands
  • @janga.stud  Sorry to hear you got so few back. I hope someone can retrieve the rest of them for you.
  • Hi Sheila I used to have a card recovery program that was excellent it was called believe it or not card recovery, I am going back about 10 years or so and I was using IBM machines running Windows, try looking in cnet for it it may still be around , it would retrieve 100% I am sure
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    Try This link
    it costs £39.70p
  • @Harold9919 ;   Thank you.  I'm off on holiday from tomorrow, but may look into it when I get back.
  • @janga.stud
    Hi Sheila,
    I crashed my hard drive by turning the laptop off when it was doing a major windows upgrade - thought I'd lost everything!
    Took it in to my friendly local computer repair shop and said ' if the police wanted this data they'd be able to get it, so how do I get it back?'
    He said it could cost up to £600 (big hard drive!) but sent it away and I got about 85% of it back for £250.
    It's worth taking it in and trying the same line, it will cost, but doubt it will be anywhere near mine.
    Enjoy your holiday :)
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    My little chap only charged £60.00 & gave me the SD card it was copied to.. I know he was running it for days as a background to his other work

    Have a lovely holiday Sheila
  • I've just received a new SD card this morning, a SanDisk Extreme 64GB. Inside the card that it was attached to was a label offering free download and 12 months free usage of RescuePRO Deluxe. They give the web address (WWW.LC-TECH.COM/RESCUEPRO) to get it from, and a serial number.

    I've not tried it, so I can't say how good it is, but it might be worth trying to find out which of their products have this offer (looks like it's their Extreme range) and getting a new card.
  • The same offer is also on their Ultra Flair USB 3.0 Flash Drive
  • @Parky54
    Thanks for the info Alan.  Bust finishing off my bathroom at the moment, bu think I'll ask a few local boffins what they use to try & retrieve photos from a formatted disk.  Could be that they are using the same ones that I've already tried.  Wish I understood why I was able to retrieve just some pics from the disk and it wouldn't show the others. :/
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    Just out of interest, I managed to recover 1350 photos from a formatted card using a free program that I downloaded onto my Ubuntu operating system.

    I've sent you a PM.
  • does it have a free program for a Mac book air ?
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    I hadn't checked to see if was available for other operating systems but it seems that it is.

    It looks quite complicated to use though. You may need to get into the operating system and use it from there. That's easy in linux (Ubuntu) but I don't know how you do it with a Mac book or Windows.
  • I will try and I will let you know if I manage it
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    @janga.stud The program says it has recovered 1847 jpgs, 3 movies and 1 text file from your SD card. When I grouped them all together, I found that there were over 3500 files! I have to go out late afternoon so will have to investigate this further before I copy them onto DVDs. A quick peek at the thumbnails shows what looks like poppy wreaths so your Somme photos should be there. Incidentally, I used my spare PC with linux Mint operating system which is similar to Ubuntu (and free!).

  • @Dipper.   WOW !!!   I'm almost scared to get excited about this, but it sounds promising.  Thank you SO MUCH <3
  • Down loaded it but could not get it to work
    never mind  :/
  • @Harold9919 Have you accessed the root directory Harold? Have a look here to see how to do it. If it is the same as linux, then typing exit should get you back out again. But I'm only guessing!

    Once in root follow the instructions here. They say to typetestdisk-6.13/photorecor you may find sudo testdisk-6.13/photorec works better. Sudo in linux is used to indicate that you have the right to issue that command.
  • tried to but Mac is notoriously user unfriendly when it comes to working in the terminal 
    the equivalent to a root directory 
    never mind
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