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Thanks sgain for the win Kathy.
Ok folks, bring in your snapshots, can't wait to see them! Have fun!


  • mines in

    I am out tomorrow, so here is the one that was to be my snapshot entry today of I had got home in time.

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    Mine's in:

    Wednesday was the second time we'd found ourselves following a priest on an electric motorbike not wearing a helmet. 

  • Mine's in....                    Taken Sunday

  • Mine's in taken on the 26th . There is a bud on my Camelia plant.

  • Mine`s in...

    Cormorants fishing down the Bay this morning

  • Mine's in....  looking Christmassy in the dining room :)

  • Sorry I'm late folks!
    RESULTS::1ST, Valerie because choclate and I'm hungry asI haven't had supper yet!
    2nd:Marion's stunning sea/bird image.
    3rd, everyone else. Thanks and now over to you Val!
  • Well done Valerie on the double 
    Thanks for 2nd & judging Bill
  • Congrats on the double Valerie and well done Mary-Ann.  Thanks for judging Bill.
  • Well done Valerie and Mary Ann
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    Well done on the double Valerie and well done Mary-Ann. Thanks for judging  Bill.
  • Well done Valerie and Mary-Ann. Thanks for judging Bill.
  • Oh my, I must have rubbed the genies magic lamp to win this one too!

    Well done Mary Ann too.

    Thanks Bill, I was undecided yesterday which Toblerone shot to use for challenge.

    I didn't even get to eat it, as it was part of a retirement gift for a colleague who also got Prosecco, an afternoon tea at a posh hotel, and John Lewis vouchers.

    I told her "I need to borrow your Toblerone". 

     At my office, they are used to being roped into my photography by now.
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