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Wednesday's IHC 19 Dec - Looking forward to ....

Thanks again for choosing my photo Marion.

Today’s challenge is something that you are looking forward to. Have fun.


Photos must be taken between now and 8.30 p.m.

No manipulation of your photo is allowed except for cropping and straightening.

Photos cannot be changed once posted.

If you want your photo to be judged, put ‘Mine’s in’ before or after the photo.

The winner is to be announced at 9pm approx.

The winner is to set the Challenge as soon as possible - 10am the next day at the very latest.

If 1st fails to set the challenge by 10 am then the 2nd place takes over the daily challenge. (Or 3rd if neither first nor second are available).


  • Mine's in.   Spending Christmas with my family.

  • Mine's in: I was looking forward to my Maple & Pecan Plait so much that I ate half of it before  I took the photo. 

  • Mine's in....         Looking forward to eating my Roses Chocolates.  

    6807.JPG 982.1K
  • Mine's in:
    I'm looking forward to Friday - end of term and end of my contract. I'm retiring - again! But I don't plan to do any more contract work ever again, just daily supply with nothing to plan or take home!

  • Mine`s in...

    looking forward to dinner ... when it`s cooked!

  • @Mary_Ann. That looks so yummy!   :p
  • I'm looking forward to the results which are:

    1st Kathy - nicely displayed Roses chocolates.

    2nd Marion - well composed and yummy.

    Well done everyone else except Mags because of her lack of self control when it comes to food. ;)

    Over to Kathy for tomorrow's challenge.
  • Well done Kathy and Mary Ann. Thanks for that remark Jonathan!!  o:)
  • Well done Kathy ... I like Roses chocs too  :)
    Thanks for 2nd & the challenge Jonathan
  • Well done Kathy and Mary-Ann, nice shots. Thanks for the challenge Jonathan.
  • Well done Mary-Ann, I’m sure you enjoyed the final result. Thanks for the win, the challenge and for judging Jonathan.

    Back ASAP with the next one
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