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I'll be missing

For a few days as I'm moving house soon. Signing contracts Tuesday exchanging Thursday so should have a date soon.   Looking at about two weeks.


  • All the best with that!
    I'm about two months from moving, hoping to sign/exchange contracts in the next week or two but the other people's house won't be built till end of April! Thankfully no chain.
  • @Bob - all the best. Hope everything goes smoothly

    @Kasey - hope all goes well. I know what it's like waiting on the seller's house being built. We were in that predicament the 1st time we sold and they kept asking for an extension on the date but our buyer's wanted into our flat and the Scottish system is different from the English one
  • Good luck with the move Bob...Where are you moving to?
  • Good luck with the move Bob...Where are you moving to?
    About 7 miles away.   An area called Nuthall Chris.   I'll be within a stones throw of Junction 26 on the M1.   We're moving to be close to our daughter, Natalie.   She forking out £1000 a month for child care at the moment and we can save most of that.
  • Thanks Margaret, thankfully there's no chain and I'm in a position to be able to move then sell (thanks to a loan from my bro!) so I'm not in any great rush. And they've p/x-ed with the builders now, so all moving forward slowly.

  • We are very fortunate in that the bungalow we are buying is empty and the lady who is buying our bungalow has sold her house and is a cash buyer.
  • edited February 26
    Hope it goes well for both you & Kasey ... having had 3 moves in three months when we came down to the Island from Essex 30 years ago I vowed I would never move again ... but with all this Brexit kerfuffle I'm seriously considering New Zealand !! :)
  • Bob said:  She forking out £1000 a month for child care at the moment and we can save most of that.
    Good luck with that Bob. I hope you have plenty of energy!

    Of course, she will be able to look after you later. Swings and roundabouts.
  • Moving on 7th March

  • Well, we're moved in and I'm living in a world of boxes.   We are moving daily between Natalie's front room and the new bungalow as we are having an extension built and the whole place is being gutted, damp proofed and rewired.

  • Glad the move went well Bob. Good luck with the extension and the other work. Hope you have a long and happy lifetime in the bungalow.
  • Thank you Margaret.
  • Hope you and your wife will be very happy in your new home.  Is your daughter Natalie the one who used to make those beautiful cakes??
  • Thanks Sheila.   Yes Natalie still makes them but no longer as a business.   She's deputy head of a school now so doesn't have the time any more.
  • I've got quite a nice garden at the new place but haven't had a lot of time to take it in.   Had a wander and took a few pics.   Looks quite spring like.
  • Looks well established Bob
  • Lovely garden Bob
  • Yes, someone's spent a lot of time on the garden.   Hope I can keep it up.
  • It would appear that we have a resident fox with a taste for pigeons.
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