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IHC Tuesday 5th March

Thanks for the win MaryAnn

Today's challenge theme is Colourful. Interpret it however you like. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Open now until 20:30 tomorrow
Have fun and take care.

On kindle just now so will try and put in rules later but I think you all know what to do


  • Mine's in....

  • Mine's in.

  • edited March 5
    Mine's in. I've just been to the garden centre. (No. I didn't buy all these).

  • @Dipper ....I`ve just been to the garden centre too Jonathan  :D

    Mine`s in....

  • Mine's in...

    Managed to get to the Britannia Stadium to see the tributes to Banksy.  Might do a blog later if I have time.

  • Mine's in. Evening Grosbeak Female. Not as colourful as the male, but he was on the ground the whole time, while she posed prettily in the tree. Despite not being as colourful, she's still a pretty bird when there's nothing much but white snow and grays and browns in this winter bound land.
  • Mine's in

  • Sorry for being late but my friend phoned just before time to close and they've just rung off. Will be back with results soon

    1st Kathy - those lovely feather boas look nice and soft
    2nd Sheila - a lovely tribute. I remember watching the 1966 world cup
    3rd everyone else

    Over to you Kathy for tomorrow's challenge
  • Well done Kathy and Sheila - nice shots. Thanks for the challenge Margaret.
  • Well done Kathy - lovely boas.  Thanks for 2nd Margaret and for the challenge.
  • Well done Kathy and Sheila. Nice shots. Thanks for the challenge Margaret.
  • Well done Sheila. Thanks for the win, the challenge and for judging Margaret.
  • Well done winners, thanks for judging Margaret!
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