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Thursday`s IHC (7th March)

Thanks again Kathy

At the minute lots of us are fighting the county council to keep the village primary school open ... so for today`s challenge I would like to see

Schooldays memories/ memorabilia


Photos must be taken between now and 8.30 p.m.

No manipulation of your photo is allowed except for cropping and straightening.

Photos cannot be changed once posted.

If you want your photo to be judged, put ‘Mine’s in’ before or after the photo.

The winner is to be announced at 9pm approx.

The winner is to set the Challenge as soon as possible - 10am the next day at the very latest.

If 1st fails to set the challenge by 10 am then the 2nd place takes over the daily challenge. (Or 3rd if neither first nor second are available).

Any other decisions regarding changes to the rules for the day is the Judges decision on the day (Eg. Can I change my photo?).


  • Mine's in.

    One of my happiest school day memories is learning how to play tennis. The love of the game has stayed with me always.

  • Mine's in....

    School certificates; book prize for good work at GCE [ only ever flicked through it ]; school report together with envelope that it came in; programme for the Speech Day when I got my book; tie and house badge. All between 55 and 60 years old.

  • Mine's in: Junior School Certificate, Senior School Report and the sad day when I left. I loved school.

  • Mags100 said:
    Mine's in:  I loved school.

    I loved primary school and probably liked grammar school.  Hated the homework.  I can still remember that we had 3 hours on Mondays and Thursdays, 2 hours on Wednesdays, 1.5 hours on Tuesdays and  :o 4 hours on Fridays.  About 90% had to be given in the next day!!
  • What a lovely set of memorabilia ... well done girls nice to see all those certificates too.

    I`m giving todays winning shot to Sheila because she managed to keep her tie too  :)

    Thanks everyone for your entries
  • Well done Sheila
  • Thanks for the win Mary-Ann.  That knot has been in the tie for at least 53 years... I used to just slide it over my head every morning :D
  • edited March 7
    Well done Sheila and the other ladies. I did get my school reports out but they weren't quite as glowing as I remembered! I did move around a lot as a child and I went to three primary schools (one twice), two secondary schools, two tech colleges and one university.

    I do hope your school is saved Marion. Biggest is not always best.
  • Well done Sheila
  • Well done Sheila. Thanks for the Challenge Mary-Ann.
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