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Comments & Questions on the Monthly Competitions

Seem to have lost the previous thread, so I'll start a new one.
Any comments or questions for the Monthly Comps can go here.
I'll also post the latest themes here as they come in.

Upcoming Themes:

May: Colourful Abstract
June: Road Signs

July: Triangles

August: will be announced here when received


  • August theme will be: "I do like to be beside the seaside"
  • Only 3 more days to get your June entry in!
  • As I'm in the process of moving house, I asked my internet/phone provider to move all my connections to my new address as of - yesterday!
    Guess what? It hasn't happened yet, which is not a real problem as I still have access to both houses and I'm not actually moving out completely till Tuesday. However, I have no idea when the internet will disappear so could cause a problem with opening for voting. I have 4G, so I can work round it, albeit slowly!
  • Last call for the June comp! Entries close at 8pm tonight :)
  • September's theme will be 'Looking Up'
  • Just 6 days left to get your entries in, closing date is 24th.
  • December's theme will be 'SHOPPING' - just right for Christmas :)
  • Only three days to get your entries in for the October Competition!!
  • January's theme will be "Tunnels, real or virtual"

  • Voting closes in the monthly competition at 8pm tomorrow (Saturday) - get yours in!
  • Last chance to get your votes in for the November competition!!!
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