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Saturday's Snapshot Challenge 4th May.

Thanks again Chris.

Snapshot Challenge is now open.


All welcome using any camera or phone with the proviso that pictures are taken in jpeg format
If you want your photo to be judged, put ‘Mine’s in’ before or after the photo.
Photos must be taken within the last 7 days and entered by 8.30pm UK time.
No manipulation of your photos is allowed except for cropping/straightening/de-saturating.
Photos can be changed within 10 minutes of posting (allows for errors).
The results are to be announced by about 21:00. The person placed 1st will set the following day's competition as soon as possible and judge it. If not available pass to 2nd place by 10.00am at the latest.


  • Mine's in: Taken on Thursday

  • Mine's in....            Taken Wednesday.       A relaxing bath

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    Mine`s in...

  • Mine's in...  taken yesterday - clematis montana rubens

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    Mine's in:
    Meet Tigger, the latest addition to my family.
    12 week old mutt from my local sanctuary, picked her up this morning.
    Straight to the vet for a health check and first jabs, just given her a bath and she's now decided it's time for a nap. She's very bouncy so quite difficult to get a decent picture of her.
    and NFJ playing with her starfish toy.

  • @Kasey .... she`s lovely Kasey, how big will she grow?
  • @Kasey ; Beautiful puppy.  Nice to see you adopt from a sanctuary.  My Dolly came from a charity.
  • Times up now.

  • Results.

    1st     Kasey's beautiful little puppy.

    2nd.   Mags    Great close up of a pigeon.

    Well done everyone else.

    Thanks to all who entered and it's over to you now Kasey.

  • Well done Kasey, thanks for 2nd place Jackie
  • Well done Kasey & Mags  ... good shots
    Thanks for judging Jacky
  • Well done Kasey and Mags.  Thanks for judging Jackie.
  • @Kasey.  Love how Tigger has one ear up and one ear down :)
  • Well done Kasey and Mags
  • Well done Kasey and Mags. Thanks for judging Jackie.

    @Kasey ;  Tigger is very cute. :)
  • Thanks Jackie! Well done Mags!
  • Mary_Ann said:
    @Kasey .... she`s lovely Kasey, how big will she grow?
    No idea Marion, her genetic make up is entirely unkown!! Her mum was fairly small, but dad is a mystery. Mum was brought in pregnant so pups were born at the sanctuary, she was the last of 9 to need a home. Hope I can emulate your training standards :)
  • Thanks for all the lovely comments folks. She seems to be quite intelligent and not averse to taking on my cat that is more than twice her size. She wants to play but the cat has other ideas!
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