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Thanksa again for the win
For tomorrows challenge: Smooth.
Have fun, so you tomorrow.


  • Mine's in.   Smooth Shower Creams.

  • Mine's in....               Smooth Nail Polish

    1673.JPG 880.4K
  • Mine's in...Smooth radio
  • Mine`s in...

    I`ve been looking for a Smooth Newt all day but haven`t managed to find one

    ... so here`s the Skylark`s tiller that David has spent all day rubbing down  :D

  • Mine's in. These glazed pots seem to withstand the frosts much better than most.

  • Mine's in. Not long back from the Staffordshire County Show, so here is a snap of my VERY smooth buffalo ice cream- coffee flavour, although I'm not a coffee drinker.

  • Time folks. 
    Today's winner, Mary-Ann. I always like wood grain. Looks like a lot of work went into this. 
    2nd: Jackie for the nicely presented coconut products. Third to everyone elde. Thanks folks and over to you Mary-Ann.
  • Well done Marion and Jackie 
  • Well done Mary-Ann and Jackie.  Thanks for the challenge Bill.
  • Well done Mary-Ann nice shot. Thanks for my placing Bill and the challenge.
  • Thanks for the win Bill & for the challenge
    Well done Jackie ... good shot
  • Well done Marion and Jackie. Nice shots. Thanks for the challenge Bill.
  • Well done Mary-Ann and Jackie. Thanks for the challenge and for judging Bill.
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