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  • Lovely Irises :)
  • Very nice indeed. I love the bleeding hearts. We also have them in our garden.
  • Super shots, especially the irises.  Only got the common yellow flag ones in my garden.  My Bleeding Heart has finished flowering.  I've also got some of the sisyrinchium.  It always seeds itself and I give young plants away.  It even grown in cracks in the driveway.
  • Other end of the garden
  • So......  You're building a water feature Bob ????
  • There will be water in the finished article Sheila.   It's an extension for a bedroom and ensuite bathroom.
  • You've just built a bathroom (in the other house).
  • I've moved mate.   Now living in Nuthall not far from J26 M1

  • some very nice shots here Bob

  • Thanks Harold
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