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Friday`s IHC ( 7th June)

Thanks Jackie

If you were cast away on a desert island with your 8 discs, what would be your luxury item that you took ? :)

(Nicely displayed please)


All welcome using any camera or phone with the proviso that pictures are taken in jpeg format
If you want your photo to be judged, put ‘Mine’s in’ before or after the photo.
Photos must be taken within the last 7 days and entered by 8.30pm UK time.
No manipulation of your photos is allowed except for cropping/straightening/de-saturating.
Photos can be changed within 10 minutes of posting (allows for errors).
The results are to be announced by about 21:00. The person placed 1st will set the following day's competition as soon as possible and judge it. If not available pass to 2nd place by 10.00am at the latest.

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  • edited June 7
    I would definitely take my microlight aircraft, and justify it by saying it could only carry enough fuel to cover about 70 miles, so it couldn't be used to escape. I'd also need a good supply of fuel.

    Here it is in its current home, hanging from the roof of the Lakeland Motor Museum in the Lake District, in 2010, so not for judging. No longer allowed to fly here, but on a desert island there are no authorities to object to it.

  • @Parky54 Are you allowed to come down for a wee or do you have to wait until closing time?
  • Dipper said:
    @Parky54 Are you allowed to come down for a wee or do you have to wait until closing time?
    :D :D :D :D
  • Mine's in. If I was stranded on a deserted tropical island, thousands of miles from civilization with no hope of rescue, I'd want my camera so I can make a record of my experiences there and share it on social media. They have wifi there, right?
  • Mine's in. This would be a luxury item for me because I hate creepy crawlies.

  • edited June 7
    Mine's in....         I'd take my Chinese teapot and favourite teacup. I'm sure I'd be able to find something on the island to brew.  :D 

  • @Dipper
    Strapped in all day long, so it can get a bit painful :s :o :s
  • Mine's in. I wouldn't mind a little pocket book of patience games to go with it.

  • Mine's in: I might take my binoculars so if I did not see any rescue ships, I would be able to do some bird watching.

  • Mine's in.  Struggling a bit with the challenge, but it's a family joke that "Nan doesn't go ANYWHERE without her lipstick".  Either that, or "Nan takes photos of ANYTHING"

  • Great ideas everyone
    ( sorry I`m late btw... had to wait for a downpour to pass before feeding ponies)

    1st Mags .... great idea 

    Joint 2nd .... Kathy & Jonathan .... (mind you don`t brew something poisonous Kathy!!)

    Well done & thanks everyone 
  • Thanks Mary Ann, well done Jonathan and Kathy.

    Back as soon as possible
  • Well done Mags, Kathy and Jonathan - good ideas.  Thanks for the challenge Mary-Ann.
  • Well done Mags and Kathy. Nice shots. Thanks for the challenges Marion.
  • Well done Mags, Kathy and Jonathan. Thanks for the challenge Mary-Ann.
  • Well done Mags and Jonathan. Thanks for joint 2nd, the challenge and for judging Mary-Ann.
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