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MON/TUES (10th - 11th) SNAPSHOT

sorry folks...I've only just seen that Bill hadn't posted Monday's snapshot. So we'll let this roll over until tomorrow and I'll judge on Tuesday evening :)
So let's have loads of entries!!!!!!!!


  • Mine`s in...

    ... taken just now

  • Mine's in. Taken today before the rain started.

  • Mine's in. Taken yesterday. The sweep is coming tomorrow and I found this is our multifuel fire. It's enormous. Then I found another one. I think they were hornets. I hope there isn't a nest up there or the sweep will have an unpleasant surprise!

  • Dogonnit! Sorry to be so unreliable, once again somehow missed checking back yesterday. No excuses, just plain forgot. I'll be in the corner with the dunce cap on.  Thanks for stepping in Chris.
  • Mine's in.  Think this is my favourite flower... astrantia

  • Mine's in: Taken on Sunday

  • @Chris Gossop  Thanks for stepping in and setting the Challenge.

    Mine's in....             
    Taken on 8th        Banksia (Native Honeysuckle)

  • edited June 11
    Mine's in:
    Does anyone else suffer from tree- climbing snails? They must have an incredible sense of smell to know that the bird feeder is up there in the first place - it's all they go for! (Taken through double glazing)

    Thanks for your entries....the flowers are gorgeous
    1st..Jackie's little Robin....I'm a sucker for Robins
    2nd..Sheila's Astrantia..which seems to leap out of my laptop screen as I scroll past
  • Well done Jackie and Sheila. Nice shots. Thanks for judging Chris.
  • Well done Jackie and Sheila
  • Thanks for the win Chris and well done Sheila - a nice variety of entries.
  • Well done Jackie - I'm a sucker for robins as well.  Thanks for 2nd Chris and for stepping in for Bill to judge.
  • Well done winners, thanks once again for stepping in Chris.
  • Well done Jackie and Sheila. Thanks again for stepping in and for judging Chris.
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