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Ever heard an Irish joke?

There was a power failure in a Dublin Department Store last week and three hundred people were stranded on the escalators for more than two hours.

“O’Leary, your glass is empty, will you be having another one?" And what would I be doing with two empty glasses?” O’Leary replied.

Young Teresa came home with some dreadful news. “I’m pregnant” she cries." “And how do you know it’s yours?” shouts her father.

PADDY: “Hey Shaun, what’s Mick’s surname?” SHAUN: “Mick who?”

*PADDY: “If you can guess how many Pheasants I’ve got in me bag you can have both of them”. SHAUN: "Three."

Mrs O’Toole said: “I can only tell you this bit of scandal once, because I promised Mrs O’Leary I would never repeat it”

Shaun and Molly sat up all night, on their honeymoon, waiting for their conjugal relations to arrive.

Murphy was told by the Doctor he had two weeks to live, so he chose the last week in July and the first week in August.

Colleen dropped a Euro coin, intending it to fall into the blind man’s hat on the pavement, but missed, as quick as a flash he scooped it up and put it in the hat. “You’re not blind” she said.   “No I’m not” said Paddy, “Its Murphy whose blind, I’m just filling in for him while he’s gone to the pictures”.

“We’re looking for a Treasurer for the Xmas fund”, said Paddy.   “Didn’t you take on a new one last month?” said Murphy.
“That’s the one we’re looking for”, Paddy replied.

Father O’Flaherty asked Mrs O’Reilly how many children she had. Four was the reply. “That’s a good Catholic woman you are, and when will you be having the next?" he asked.   “I’m not Father”, she replied. “I read that every fifth child born in the world is Chinese”.

The Dublin pensioners club go on a mystery tour every Wednesday and to make it interesting they have a sweep to guess where they are going. Shamus, the coach driver, has won five weeks on the trot.


  • you can't beat a Bog Trotter joke
    well done Bob
    did you hear about the Irish wolf hound that went for a wee in the woods

    it didn't have a leg to stand on

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