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The soldier

Soldier in full combats, enters this Northern Irish pub and says to barman: “Paddy give me a pie and pint and look sharp about it?”

The barman replies that he cannot serve the soldier because there’s an IRA terrorist sitting in the corner and if the barman serves the soldier, the IRA terrorist will blow up the pub.

The soldier crosses over to the terrorist in the corner and asks if he’s the in the IRA, He replies ”YES”. The soldier then draws his bayonet and with two quick slashes he separates the IRA man’s ears from his head. He picks up the ears and returns to the bar where he says to the barman; “Now give me a pie and pint.”
The pie and beer are produced in record time and the soldier slices the pie in half, puts the ears inside and starts to chomp away.

The barman and the onlookers are aghast at this and the barman says to the soldier; “You’re the roughest, toughest British soldier I’ve ever seen; are you SAS, Parachute Regt or Commandos?”

None of those says the soldier “I’m Pie 'n ear Corps.”


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