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IHC Tuesday 8th Oct.

Thanks again Mags.  The subject for Tuesday's challenge is...  MEMENTO/MEMORABILIA.  Hope you can all find something.



Photos must be taken between now and 8.30 p.m.
No manipulation of your photo is allowed except for cropping and straightening.
Photos cannot be changed once posted.
If you want your photo to be judged, put ‘Mine’s in’ before or after the photo.
The winner is to be announced at 9pm approx.
The winner is to set the Challenge as soon as possible - 10am the next day at the very latest.
If 1st fails to set the challenge by 10 am then the 2nd place takes over the daily challenge. (Or 3rd if neither first nor second are available).
Any other decisions regarding changes to the rules for the day is the Judge’s decision on the day (Eg. Can I change my photo?).


  • Mine's in - Tie Pin presented to me  by the flying club after my first solo flight.

  • Mine's in....      Decanter belonging to my Late Mother

  • Mine's in. A spoon my schoolboy son brought us back from his very first school exchange visit.

  • edited October 8
    Mine`s in...

    A water colour painted by Ron Burton that I admired when he put a photo of it on My Fuji several years ago so he sent it to me  :)

  • I really enjoyed looking at all your precious items.  My winner today is...

    Kathy - with that pretty decanter

    2nd - Alan.  What a proud moment that must have been.

    joint 3rd - Jackie and Mary-Ann.

    Thank you everyone
  • Well done Kathy nicely displayed lovely decanter. Well done Alan.  Thanks for the Challenge Sheila.
  • Well done everyone
  • Well done Kathy & Alan ... good shots
    Thanks for the challenge Sheila
  • edited October 8
    Well done Kathy.  Thanks for the second place, Sheila - yes, it was a very special moment, but I don't think pride was my first emotion, there was a lot to think about first time on my own. I'd had a one hour lesson with one of the instructors. When we got back to the clubhouse he said to the Chief Flying Instructor that I was ready for solo, so I had another flight, with the CFI to be sure I was ready, and then the actual solo - about twice the flying time  I'd expected so I was a little concerned about my bank balance as I wrote the cheque.  :)
  • Well done Alan, nice shot. Thanks for the win, the challenge and for judging Sheila.
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