November Monthly "No Prize" Photography Competition – Door Locks

Welcome to the Monthly "No Prize" Photography Competition.

All entries will be anonymous, but we can’t do the same with the voting. Please let the best photograph win. Please DO NOT post in this thread until the voting opens.
If you have any questions or suggestions please use the Comments & Questions thread.

Please read the rules and method of entry below.

November Monthly Competition: Door Locks

The competition will run from 1st till 30th with entries being accepted until 8pm UK time on 23rd and voting running from then until 8pm UK Time on 30th. Results will be posted as soon after this as possible.

1. One entry per member. You may not create additional accounts to enter more entries.
2. You may process your image as much as you like as long as the original can still be seen. Your image must be free of Copyright or Signature marks.
3. All entries must be emailed to in jpg format. Your Chat Photography member name must be included in your email.
4. Please DO NOT leave comments on entries in the competition thread – there is no Gallery, so please make any comments in the Comments & Questions thread, referencing the entry no. but please do not post anything that will identify the owners of the entries.
5. Entries must be new to Chat Photography but can be as old as you like. Please play fair by not including images that are instantly identifiable from other sites.
6. When voting opens each member will have 5 votes, 1st to 5th. These will equate to 5pts for 1st down to 1pt for 5th.

no.25 - 5pts
no.2 - 4pts
no.12 - 3pts
no.18 - 2pts
no.6 - 1pt
If you make an error you may rectify it, please contact Kasey saying that you wish to change your vote.
7. Winner will choose the theme for March.

Entry is by email only and entry will be anonymous. Please send your image, in jpg format, to including your Chat Photography membership name.
Your image will be added to the competition thread anonymously on receipt of your email. If it has not appeared within 24hrs please contact Kasey by PM.
You are free to comment on entries in the Comments & Questions thread but please do not post anything that will identify the owners of the entries. Please DO NOT comment in the Competition Thread.
Voting will be open to all members of Chat Photography with each member getting 5 Votes.
Please DO NOT vote until the voting is opened in the thread.
Please DO NOT vote for your own entry – you will be disqualified from that month’s competition if you do!
The winner will be the member whose image has the most points at the close of the competition. If any images have an equal number of points the one with the most 1st place awards will be placed first.

Upcoming Themes:

December: This is my tipple

January: Weather Vane

February: will be posted in Comments & Questions thread as soon as it’s received

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